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Supporting Patients & Advancing Renal Knowledge

Integrated Medical Practices:

Personalized Care, Remote Communication, and Comprehensive Health Services.

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Renal Care 360° Connected Care

We don't just connect, we stay connected. On-going patient engagement and education support improves outcomes and lowers patient health care costs.
Our practices offer services such as:

  • blood pressure and blood sugar management
  • weight loss support
  • medication refills
  • health & wellness education
  • transitional care management
  • convenient patient to text platform for easy communication appointment reminders

Practices & Partners


Supporting Patients & Advancing Renal Knowledge

Education is vital to the patient experience as it empowers individuals to understand their health conditions, make informed decisions, and actively participate in their own care, leading to better health outcomes and a stronger partnership between patients and healthcare providers. 

What A Happy Team!

At Renal Care 360°, we take great pride in our company culture, fostering an environment where our associates are genuinely thrilled to be part of the team, creating a positive and fulfilling work experience for all!

  • Amazing!

The camaraderie within the Renal Care 360° team fosters a strong sense of unity, trust, and mutual respect, creating a supportive network that ensures no on faces challenges alone.

Vicky Hanson Nurse Practitioner - Nephrology of the Golden Isles

  • Fantastic!

The diverse skill sets and perspectives within the Renal Care 360° team contribute to comprehensive and holistic patient care, resulting in better outcomes and improved patient satisfaction.

Dr. Abdelmalik Primary Care Physician - Charlton Primary Care

  • Superb!

Working with the RC360° team instills a sense of pride and accomplishment, as we overcome obstacles together and celebrate successes, creating a rewarding and fulfilling professional journey.

Kristie Hartshorn Area Director, Practice Operations - Renal Care 360°

  • Excellent!!

The collaborative nature of the Renal Care 360° Team created a supportive and dynamic environment where knowledge and expertise are shared, leading to enhanced patient care and professional growth.

Dr. Grillo Nephrologist - Greg Grillo Center for Renal Excellence