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Susan Manning
VP of Connected Care
Molly Braun
Chief Growth Officer
Joseph Cashia
Chief Executive Officer
Kimberly Goessele
Chief Operations Officer
Brenda H. Lepley
Chief Clinical Officer
Anthony Bond
Chief Financial Officer
Jean Delbridge
Chief Talent Officer

Renal Care 360°

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The camaraderie within the Renal Care 360° team fosters a strong sense of unity, trust,

Vicky Hanson Nurse Practitioner - Nephrology of the Golden Isles

  • Fantastic!

The diverse skill sets and perspectives within the Renal Care 360° team contribute to comprehensive

Dr. Abdelmalik Primary Care Physician - Charlton Primary Care

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Working with the RC360° team instills a sense of pride and accomplishment, as we overcome

Kristie Hartshorn Area Director, Practice Operations - Renal Care 360°

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The collaborative nature of the Renal Care 360° Team created a supportive and dynamic environment

Dr. Grillo Nephrologist - Greg Grillo Center for Renal Excellence

A Journey of Compassion

The Renal Care 360° Revolution

In 2018, Joe Cashia, a visionary in healthcare, founded Renal Care 360°, formerly know as Renal Care Options. Motivated by the dire state of kidney care in underserved rural communities, Joe assembled a team of experts to evaluate healthcare systems and provide comprehensive care solutions. Recognizing the need for early intervention, Renal Care 360° partnered with healthcare providers to identify polyphonic conditions and deliver targeted services, leveraging innovative technologies and personalized interventions. Their mission to transform renal care, improve outcomes, and reduce costs led to the development of Renal Care 360° using analytics, empowering patients with education support, and advocacy. Renal Care 360° strives to redefine kidney care, one patient at a time, as they champion a future of compassion and transformation. 

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    512 Autumn Springs Court, Suite D
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