RC360º Connected Care is a high-tech, high-touch program for patients diagnosed with common chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and chronic kidney disease. Our dedicated care team will augment current health services and provide the best possible care between visits by partnering with physicians, health systems and payors to proactively manage participants health and help achieve personalized health goals.

No more phone tag. Text us anytime.

Not feeling well? Have a question? Need someone to talk to? Participants simply text us at their convenience. We handle all the little things faster without waiting for a callback or scheduling a visit so participants can spend more time doing what they love.

A personal healthcare assistant.

Text the care team for help with:

  • Scheduling appointments, follow-ups, and sick visits
  • Questions about your health, medication, and symptoms
  • Requests for referrals, lab results, and more

Each participant is connected to their very own health coach.

A dedicated care manager to help with:

  • Personalized care planning to help achieve your health goals
  • Weekly health reminders, tips, and assistance via text
  • Monthly care plan review to keep participants on track and healthy

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