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AdScientia Health Patient Analytics mobile-friendly digital health engagement technology provides evidence-based guidelines to support physicians and empower patients.

AdScientia Health Analytic Reports utilize EHR data to identify undiagnosed CKD patients, predict kidney disease progression and demonstrate the impact on early intervention on patient health and the healthcare system resources.

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90% of patients with kidney disease are unaware that they have kidney disease.


The RC360 Difference

When an undiagnosed, at-risk patient is identified, an alert is sent to notify care providers to evaluate and begin early interventions to slow CKD progression.

AdScientia Health’s proprietary, digital health technology, in concert with health system EHRs and payor databases, evaluates all available lab testing across all associated health system encounters.

AdScientia Health analytics is not an additional program to add to the complexity of care, it is a companion program using specific health system EHR patient data to drive machine learning and improve predictive data.

“The goal is to turn data into information and information into insights”

— Carly Fiorina, former CEO Hewlett Packard

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